New Shop for Cookies

When you thought the cupcakes had kicked biscuits to curb permanently, Cookie Bar newly launched in Lincoln Park.

Joe Bova, an animator, and Jeff Steinberg, a screenwriter chose to take detour in their own professions and continue out of Hollywood back Chicago, where folks do much more than examine food — they eat it. Based on Steinberg, biscuits are somewhat more “recession favorable” than cupcakes. At $1.25 each ($1.50, $1.95 for vegan and gluten free), nearly everyone can scrape together alter for a cookie cutter, he explained.

Properly sized (although not gargantuan) biscuits are thin with sharp edges and soft facilities. On any particular day, biscuits may comprise butterfingers, jalapeno, peanut butter cups, chai tastes, or potato chips.

Matt Sherry, who resides across the road, waited with anticipation to find out what could open from the vacant storefront. Presently a normal client, Sherry explained, “That is the intrigue. Seeing what is here every day.”

Construct your ice cream sandwich together with Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and 2 biscuits.

Truffle truffle, an internet confectioner established in Chicago, is the brand new small business enterprise of Nicole Greene, a former defense analyst for the national government. Start looking for handmade truffles with java, Earl Grey, elderflower and ginger. Other choices are beer and pretzel delicate, and also a assortment of individually wrapped s’mores. Proceed to

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